Airplane Beauty, How And What To Pack On Your Flight

Did you know that you are more likely to get into an accident with a donkey than crashing in a plane?

Very soothing thoughts right before you get on your flight, isn’t it?

I have come to the conclusion that most people who take care of themselves everyday (skin wise) forget to take care of their skin when they are flying. It can seem that you are on a flight for maybe 5 hours, not so long…but the damage can look very ugly (pardon my French).

Recently I was on a transatlantic flight (12 looooonnng hours) and was wearing a sweater most of the flight until I decided I was too hot. I was ready to take it off when I looked at my arm. I literally did a double take. I looked like an alligator. It can be due to the fact that I recently sat on a beach and baked myself golden brown, but I never wanted to look like an alligator!!!!

Then it hit me, I have moisturizer with me. Why didn’t I use it before? Maybe I was afraid people were going to stare at me while I slathered myself with body cream, maybe it was the smell. Who knows, either way I started squirting everything out of the tube and putting it everywhere physically possible while being buckled in my seat going through turbulence.

I have made up a list of my “airplane beauty” regimen and it has now been officially tried and tested and I stand by it.

I never get on a plane with makeup on. Ever. If it so happens that I have remnants of concealer still on me, it has to come off the moment I find my seat.



Bioderma Sensitive Skin Solution: Your one stop does it all beauty miracle. Make sure to purchase the mini bottles of this stuff, because you don’t need much and if your jetting away for a week…its more than plenty. If I don’t feel like going to the bathroom to take a mask off, I will wipe away with this.

30 (or however many you can get your hands on) Dermalogica Sample Sachets of whatever products work for you, I usually bring the following:

Skin Hydrating Masque: Great for when you are about to fall sleep for what you hope for will be an extended period of time.

Power Rich: Great for layering under any moisturizer, very pleasant smell as well.

Skin Hydrating Booster: I use before my meal comes (gives me reason to actually use it) or right before I land.

Essential Cleansing Solution/Special Cleansing Gel: Depends what I grab first, I would only wash my face twice MAYBE 3 times on a flight if I feel like getting up.

Intensive Eye Repair: AMAZING!

Intensive Moisture Balance: AMAZING FOR FLIGHTS! Not amazing if you are experiencing very oily skin on flight. This stuff should be used sparingly  because once you are off your flight you can have a tendency to look like a shiny mess….but your skin still looks better than everyone elses HA!

Next I usually bring a couple Guinot sample face masks just to switch things up a tiny bit. My favorite one is Masque Hydra Beaute Moisture Supplying Radiance Mask…. and radiance it definitely gives!

I always throw in my L’Occitane mini Hand Cream with 20% Shea Butter and tiny amount of Lush Lemon Butter in a sample jar for my cuticles. Both these products can have a smell to them, but if someone complains tell them that this smells better than the bathroom.

My EOS Lip Balm comes along too mainly because its cute, as well as a travel size Vaseline Extra Strength Body Lotion.

If I decide I would be applying makeup before I land I make sure to grab a pore smoothing primer such as Dr. Brandt Pores No More sample sachet.

Basically that wraps it up, don’t forget your facial wipes as well as cotton rounds or cotton swabs and definitely DEFINITELY don’t forget your toothbrush!

Safe Travels Everyone!


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